CNC (computer numerical control) cutting, generally, but not exclusively, of anodised aluminium sheet.

This process is not limited to simple shapes – the cutting tool will follow whatever tool path the controlling computer is given!

Coolant turned off for the video!

(for the engineers amongst us, note the finishing pass, taking the last 0.25mm away with the sides of the cutter to get the best available finish)

Stock materials held here, applicable to virtually all jobs, are –

        • Natural (silver) flat anodised aluminium alloy sheet in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm thicknesses.
        • Natural (silver) brushed and anodised aluminium alloy sheet in 1.5mm thickness.
        • Black flat anodised aluminium alloy sheet in 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm thicknesses.

Sometimes, i can, and do, buy in specific material for a customers exact requirement.  This is generally unnecessary in all but the most complex matching jobs.  Very occasionally i work on customer supplied material, but, in general, im very reluctant to do this, due to all the additional complications this presents.

To perform your custom cutting job, i need a DXF from you, in as low a version as your application supports.  R12 or R14 are ideal.  Pretty much any CAD application will be able to save off a file as a DXF, and some vector graphics applications also, however

If you export a file from illustrator PLEASE re-open it again before sending it, preferably with another application.  Illustrator makes such a mess of exporting DXF files that i would always rather you used a true CAD application, or even Inkscape, but, if you must use Illustrator, please do check your files before sending them across.

So, your checklist –

        • I need a DXF file from you, as low a revision as possible (eg R14 or below)
        • This should contain the vectors you want cut on a single layer (if you are submitting rotary engraving work also, use additional layers)
        • This file should be opened again in another application before it gets here (more people than you might expect send broken files!)