Panel dimensions –

Charlie’s specification for the panels is increments of an inch, minus “a bit” for clearance.

The “bit” is dependant on your cutting, but i take off 0.15mm (or about the width of a thick human hair) from each edge.  This could probably even be reduced to 0.1mm, but 0.15 results in this sort of look, which is quite clean –



Panel holes –

The holes are on 5.08mm increments (why 5.08mm – 5.08mm is a 0.2 inches, or a fifth of an inch, just to mix things up!)

I think its best to keep the holes symmetrical to the centre line of the panel, so the first hole always has its centre at 12.55mm, and is then mirrored on the panel centreline, to the other side (obviously not in the case of the single space panel).  If your inter-panel “allowance” changes, then obviously this 12.55mm distance will change accordingly, but this is what you would use for a 0.15mm reduction in size on both edges.

If all of this sounds a bit much, then CAD files in DXF R12 are provided below as a basis for the various panel sizes.

DXF template files –

Files are provided for simple guidance –