2 Dimensional Work

My main work has always been control panel interfaces, mainly for sound equipment, but the techniques are just as well applied to other industries.  Indeed, we have made all sorts in the past, from yacht dashboards to fair-ground equipment!

Mostly this work involves the cutting of sheet metal, using computer controlled cutting equipment, and adding the legend, either by mechanical engraving (where the line work is physically cut into the material) or by traditional silk screen printing.

These are a bunch of panels for a reseller with a few different options to keep track of (some have power leds, some do not, some have recessing for the knobs, most are flat!) –


Contrary to popular belief, print doesn’t even have to be long run.  Below is a small run of euro panels that i printed up for modular express –

..and some jobs are slightly different –

Of course, parts dont have to be flat panel for print either.  This was an interesting project for a french group.  You can check out the final product here – mkwaves.org



I get trusted with some expensive stuff too –


…and I’ve printed more than a few Buchla style panels –


The above is all print, but engraving fits well for custom one off jobs, for example, this moog clone for an individual –


Another custom one-off job for someone –


Some resellers also like the flexibility of engraving, as they can order what they want, when they want, without having to worry about MOQs and the like.  Below are a load of engraved eurorack panels waiting for final cleaning  –

Engraving is great for prototype work also.  I was proud to be able to supply the panels below to Colin Fraser for his Cirklon development –





If you would like to know more detail about these works, follow these links –