3 Dimensional Works


Increasingly we find ourselves being asked for more than just flat panel work. 

Often this work requires a number of different techniques, from cutting and folding, to custom coatings, and then silk screen printing.

The parts below were for a small run of midi processor units.  Ford “frozen” white was chosen with a stippled gloss finish over a steel shell –


I ship a lot of ‘boats’ for buchla style systems.

These are generally folded from alloy.  Default finish is matt black –


…and a Loudest Warning format case, in steel.

Steel was used in this instance, as the original design called for fixed threads (which I’m cautious of) and alloy would not have been suitable.

The threads were formed, rather than cut to give greater durability, and then the whole case (inside and out) was finished, first in an epoxy primer, and then a gloss 2k.

(note the hand of my 3yr old photography assistant!)


Similar metal work, but this time in aluminium, with a matt black finish –


Further similar work showing a bare alloy finish –



Another steel job, another stage of which is shown in the 2D section

This part was built for street recordings (etc) in less than favourable conditions. It was felt that the weight cost of steel would be outweighed (no pun intended!) by its strength benefit. The part was again, sprayed inside and out with an epoxy primer, and then an industrial 2k matt finish, RAL coded to the customers specification.

You can read more about the final product here – mkwaves.org






If you would like to know more detail about these works, follow these links –