The 296M from the M.E.M.S. Project

A true redesign of the original 296 with attention to detail not previously seen.
The changes between this unit, and the original are exceedingly limited and can be summarised below –
        • Modern Alps sliders used.
        • original SSM2020 are replicated with modern SSI2164/V2164 SOIC 16 SMD
The SOIC 16 SMD are not applied to the main board, but, instead, supported by small carrier pcbs (in a different colour fiberglass) mounted to the original SSM2020 footprints, such as to maintain the historical accuracy of the host PCB.
If desired, original SSM2020 ICs can be used (please contact MEMS directly for more information)  The IC replacement carrier pcbs come with all necessary discrete SMD pre soldered, leaving only the VCA itself to be added.
The 296 is (to many builders) surprising in that, excluding the above, the parts listed in the bill of materials are very easy to obtain, and, as such, should not complicate construction.
Full build documentation can be accessed using this link, and Dave Brown ( has a page on his site here, documenting the build with photos.

Boards and panels can be purchased here

296M Set –

296M Panels –


Notes –

  • PCBs are supplied bare (other components must be sourced)
  • No warrenty is given nor implied