CNC Services

Custom Panel Engraving

Working mainly for DIY audio hardware builders, producing high quality panels, at competative prices (sometimes as much as 40% less than the obvious competitors!)

Custom panels can be produced in sizes up to 19″ x 5u with ease, and even larger with custom clamping.




Common questions about panel engraving –


  • What materials can be reliably engraved?

Engraving is dependant on surface. Although pretty much anything can be engraved, for most work i would strongly recommend sticking to anodised alluminium (note: anodised is not the same as brushed)

Anodised surfaces are availible in different colors and finishes, matt black and satin being the most widely used. Other common colours include blue, red, gold, silver (natural), and dark green.


  • Do you supply the metal work, or do I have to send it in? Can you work on material I send you?

Material is generally supplied. Common thicknesses are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 3.0mm, with most common sizes / finished being kept in stock for minimal lead-times.

I am also happy to work on customer supplied materials, providing they are anodised, and not brushed or powdercoated.


  • What file formats do you accept?

The machine itself runs on g-code, which can be created from most vector formats. If you are working in a vector based graphic application, save off the files as .dxf format (in R12) but unfortunatly some graphics applications export non-standard dxf files. Customer specific advice can be given in this area.

If you are working in a true CAD enviroment, just send over the R12 dxf files. If relevent / possible, put the engraving on a different layer to the milling / drilling


  • Can you quote me on [x] panel?

Because there are so many variables, its impossible to give anything other than very very rough ideas as to pricing without seeing some true CAD designs of what needs to be done.

That said, small, undrilled, modular panels normally work out at arround the £20-25 mark. Complex multistroke engraving or routing of slider holes etc. can add arround £10 to this price.

A complex 19″ 3u rack panel may work out arround £65, or a complex panel set (like the midibox SID units pictures above) would work out arround £80 for the set (top and rear panels)


These prices are inclusive of all EU taxes!

When comparing prices, please be aware of companies giving quotes exclusive of sales tax, which may be as much as 19% in some regions!