Mounting Details of the x0xb0x


Important: Please check mounting compatiblity *before* ordering!!!

This panel has, by necessity, some very specific mounting requirements. It will mount in some systems with ease, but some will require manipulation.

Due to the constraints of the PCBs used, the clearance on this unit is very tight. This can be seen in the diagrams below:


And a photo of the same –


The mounting rail must be able to fit in the 10mm space between the front panel, and the PCB, shown in the photo above. The module then has plenty of clearance at the bottom, to fit into place afterward:


And a photo of the same:


The flying barrel connector can be seen in this photo, allowing the use of a standard 9v AC PSU to be connected to the rear of the module, rather than have messy front panel power leads.

If you compare these diagrams to SynthTech’s MOTM mounting rails, you can see that compatibility should be possible by slotting the x0xb0x panel upward into the rack, such as the mounting rail sits between the x0xb0x front panel and itsPCB. The bottom of the unit can then be slotted into place.

Systems relying on wooden rails with diameter greater than 10mm may require alteration, however, this isn’t *so* bad, as the PCBs sit inside the mounting holes by 14.5mm, and, in worst case scenarios, any wooden mounting rail could be reduced to fit, whilst still being full width at mounting holes.