Starting late spring 2022 –

A one day very small group event (4-5 people maximum) providing direct tuition tailored to the participants own goals.

These events are both a luxury day out, but, also, for those who want to amass as much skill as possible, they can be tailored to cover far more than basic techniques, including tutorial on screen production, exposure, catalysed ink, and heat curing.  But, of course, this is all optional – if you would rather a relaxing day with cream tea and home cooked lunch, then that is an equally valid objective!

Facility will be provided for participants, if required, to produce and take away their own exposed screen, so as to be able to continue printing at home later (cost of screen itself not included in course fee)

Details  –

You will be provided with and have access to all equipment required during the day.  You do not need to bring anything.

Cake or cream tea will be provided
A quality vegetarian lunch will be provided
Afternoon tea will be provided

Should you wish to bring your own bags, shirts, tshirts, metal work, etc to be printed, that is entirely acceptable.

We have various items here for you to print and take away if you like, for which minimal charge will be made (basic printing substrates will, of course be provided without additional charge, but we also have things like towels, aprons etc should you wish to print those)

Screens for use on the day, are, of course provided, but, again, should you wish to take away your own pre-exposed screens for later use, then a minimal additional charge will be applied.

Cost –

The fee is £100 for the days activity, including lunch, cakes etc!  Large groups will never be taken as the day is intended to be a maximum benefit event.


These events are presented by a working printer.  You will have access to commercial grade equipment, including, but not limited to –

        • Blacquer Positive system
        • Natgraph Integrator exposure unit.
        • BWM Hopkins 4head / 4station press
        • BBC Blackflash


Please use the form below to be advised when the dates have been fixed.  Dates starting from late spring 2022.