A lot of the interest here comes from someone saying “Could you….” and us having to think up how!

In this, its useful for customers of custom works to know what’s available here, just in case you want to come up with an idea that we have not thought of!


Print – 

      • Natgraph integrator
      • Mascoprint semi-auto and manual presses

Timber – 

      • Wadkin BAO/s Planer
      • Wadkin AGS table saw
      • Axminster 635 dual drum sander
      • Custom router table 
      • Slab flattening router sled
      • Various sanders, inc bobbin, mirka ros, belt, etc.
      • Various hand tools

Coating – 

      • 2-off 3hp compressors
      • Devilbis guns and air fed
      • Blast pot

Welding – 

      • AC tig (200a)
      • Mig (210a)

Cutting –

      • Varga VA1
      • Custom CNC (mainly parker with THK liner)
      • Gravograph spindles for engraving
      • Newinghall cutter grinder 
      • Newinghall measuring microscopes
      • Smart and Brown Model M mk2
      • Manchester Rapidor Minor