Toppobrillo Mini-Bus power supply


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Toppobrillo Mini-Bus

The Mini-Bus is a compact, expandable and low noise power solution for Buchla systems. Available as a PCB you can build or an assembled board with all PCB mount parts installed.   (Some assembly for installation required. see build guide)

  • +/- 15V @ 1A; +5V @ up to 1A; +12V
  • Supports 200e preset bus
  • Noisy / Quiet ground-scheme implemented as per Buchla’s 200e cases
  • Low Noise: <5mVpp (2mV RMS) r/n @ 75% load
  • Can be used passive or active. Extendable to 8 connects with Bus Xtnder kit
  • Easy to source standard footprint DC/DC converter available from several manufacturers
  • Accepts Molex or Faston blade style headers
  • 2oz copper , lead-free w matte-black mask
  • Measures ~165mm x 76mm
  • Fits existing hole pattern from various case makers
  • Requires external 12V AC/DC brick (see BOM for recommended parts)

Further information on the build can be found here.