Buchla format Midi Universal Converter - MUC-810 Kit

The MUC-810 for Buchla system is a do it yourself adaptation of the project from EDV-Technik. A powerful and very stable Midi to CV converter offering 24 outputs

Offered here is both the panel and the adaptation PCB to solder the panel parts, and facilitate the wiring.

Technical Specifications

16 control voltage outputs with a range of 0-10V 

  • Outputs 1 – 8 is scaled to 1.2V/octave, 
  • Outputs 9 – 16 is scaled to 1V/octave
  • These 16 CV outputs can also be configured with any functions : V/Oct, Add Pitch Bend + Autoglide, Hz/Volt, Velo, Release, Pitch, Contr, Pressure, Glide support, Trig, Gate, Sync, Step, ADSR-Envelope support.

8 Digital Output with 0-10 range :

  • Ouputs 17 – 24 : Trig, Gate, Sync, V-Trig, S-Trig

Functions available :

  • Split Key mode
  • Polyphonic Mode (up to 8 channels + Velocity)
  • Glide function for each CV output
  • Autoglide support for V/Oct
  • ADSR Envelope on each CV output
  • 4 memory slot to save your setups and more.
  • Manuals in both English and German

Here’s a demo in polyphonic mode with 4 voices

You’ll also need the main kit that you have to order from EDV-Technik containing the main pcb already soldered, the screen and all the wiring.

To order the main pcb, ask for it with the 1.2v modification at edv-technik-ts@gmx.de 

Pcbs and panels are in the shop here (main panel), here (expansion panel), and here (pcb).

Build documentation & Modwiggler thread link

Adaptor PCB

Notes – 

  • No warranty is given or implied