Shawn at Electric Music Store has a PCB sale on at the moment.  I realise that he is out of stock of some of the panels that go with some of his PCBs. In order to support his and Roman’s work, I will, unofficially, offer any participants of his sale (proof of purchase required) 22% off any supporting metal work from me ONLY for lines that he is out of stock of.

So, if he has the panel, buy it from him, but, if he does not, do not pass up on the sale opportunity – i can supply you at 22% off my website list price.

There’s no automation with this, no shopping cart checkout code.  You’ll need to email me your proof of purchase, and tell me what you want.

(Note added 12/12/2021 : To re-iterate and avoid any confusion, this is not a “cash-back” offer, due to paypal’s refusal to refund partial refund fees – please follow the directions above – email your proof of purchase, and tell me what you want [I will then issue a manual invoice] – there is no automation from the website shop)

Again, this offer is open to Shawn’s sale customers only, and ONLY for metal work that he is out of stock of.

Thank you, 


Small print / terms – Offer non binding, can be removed at any time, blah blah blah, but, basically, if I have it (or can make it – I make all the parts here, the machinery is about 20 mtrs away from where I’m sitting!) you can have it for 22% off list price!