I am, primarily, a manufacturer, rather than a retailer, however, we seem to be doing more and more Buchla format parts, which, largely, get lost on a website that’s mostly advertising “work” rather than “product”.

In light of this, it seemed sensible to bring all the Buchla format offerings together into one list, so as to give greater clarity on what’s availible, rather than bits being hidden all over the place.  Ill continue adding links on this page as we progress.

So, here goes – 

Pcb projects – 

Power supplies – 

Boats – 

Ends – 

            • Single Tier
            • Two boat
            • Three boat (folding)
            • Three boat (fixed)
            • Five boat (folding)

Systems –

Front panels – 

            • Too many to list in the shop
            • Custom parts

Parts – 

            • Rogan knobs
            • 265FS parts