Buchla format boats

Currently stocked sizes – 

          • 2u
          • 4u
          • 5u
          • 6u (sloped ends)
          • 12u (sloped ends)

Rather like the systems that i sell, these are not in the online shop, as its near impossible to automate the shipping cost of them without dangerously overcharging most of the time.

Pricing (ex delivery / fees) is as follows for silver units – 

          • 2u GPB 45 (or GBP 120 for a set of three)
          • 4u GPB 45 (or GBP 120 for a set of three)
          • 5u GPB 45 (or GBP 120 for a set of three)
          • 6u GPB 45 (or GBP 120 for a set of three)
          • 12u GPB 80


The reason the pricing is somwhat stable across all the sizes (except for the 12u) is that i started with 6u boats, attempted to make them as cheap as possible, and then realised that the smaller ones were, pretty much, the same amount of work to make, even though they are smaller.

These silver boats are direct from the workshop.  They are described in detail here.

I keep stock of all the above sizes pretty much all of the time.  If i sell out of one, i just make some more with minimal lead time.

As above shipping is hard to give details on for every destination, but, on a pair of 6u boats, rough costs would be something like – 

          • UK GBP 15
          • USA GBP 40
          • France GBP 25
          • Japan GBP 80

Again, however, this is just based on what its cost in the past.  I am happy to charge cost price only for the shipping on these items.  They are supposed to be a benefit to builders, so are priced low, and I will try and find the most sensible shipping options for any prospective purchaser. 

For further indication, the last 5tier by 6u system (with oak ends and a whole load of pcbs) that i shipped to California (USA) cost GBP 83 on a 72 hour service.

For clarity, however, the only real way to get them is to use the contact form and ask for them.  Again, automatic shipping just overcharges all the time, so its not really worth it!

Below is a photo of a system built up with the 6u boats (6 and 12u have the sloped ends, but the smaller have square ends)


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