The modern adaptation of the classic signal delay unit features three inputs with adjustable level. The delayed signal is output in four delay times (1/4t, 1/2t, 3/4t & 1t)

Feedback festival. The outputs can be fed back to an unused input for flavours of controlled to raging feedbacks.

Delay lengths be modulated by a voltage source of your choice. Frequency modulation goes into deep growls.

All of the above will take one space in your case.

The 277BLM is an adaption and combination of previous clones and the euro version to bring a version with no limits in your soundscapes

  • Through hole construction (excluding Spin Semi FV-1)
  • Improved circuitry to reduce noise.
  • EEPROMS supplied

Bill of materials is provided here

Boards can be purchased here, and front panels can be purchased here.

Front side of PCB –


Example of compatible panels –


A time lapse video of construction –

Notes –

  • PCBs are supplied bare (EEPROMs suppplied but other components must be sourced)
  • No warrenty is given nor implied