The 257RB is a bug-fixed copy of Roman’s 257R board, as featured here.

These PCBs have been here for months, but I am, personally, not keen on taking money for what its, essentially, a cheap copy of Roman’s labour.

Due to my reluctance above, and the desire to run an EU based sale, to promote the IOSS system, it seems sensible to “kill two birds with one stone” and offer the pcb as a free give away with an applicable IOSS compliant 257 panel order.

So, the terms –  

      • 257 panel must be purchased via this link 
      • EU shipping address
      • Private customers only (VAT registration in some areas affects IOSS)
      • Sale must use the IOSS system (total value remain under the IOSS threshold)

Should any of these terms not be met, the free pcb will not be included in the order.


Panels included in this offer – 


(note the inconsequential asymmetry of anti-rotation holes, resultant from me setting uneven acceleration / deceleration curves – these are entirely hidden on construction) 


Front side of PCB –


Rear side of PCB –


Promotional shot –


Notes –

  • PCBs are supplied bare (other components must be sourced)
  • No warrenty is given nor implied