Mixer / Preamplifier Model 207

Replacing the model 206 Dual Mixer and the model 270 Quad Preamplifier, this unit combines a 6 channel stereo mixer and a single channel high-performance preamplifier. The mixer section offers on two channels, a voltage-controlled location capability, and the preamp section accommodates a variety of source impedance and levels including Mic (with input transformer) and Line. 

The v2.0 PCB is black solder masked with ground plane added for better audio performance.

The BOM can be downloaded via this link, and full documentation is available here.

Boards will go in the shop shortly, and front panels can be purchased here.

Front side of PCB –


Rear side of PCB –


Example of completed unit –


Notes –

  • PCBs are supplied bare (other components must be sourced)
  • No warrenty is given nor implied