Roland TB-303



To enlarge upon (rather than abuse) the iconic machine, with an emphasis on musicality
as opposed to novelty, and to create a hybrid of new and old, with a production finish.

  • Before modification all original components are cleaned and / or replaced
  • All tact switches are replaced using genuine alps parts (not cheap chinese imports)
  • All original leds are changed to blue to match new function leds
  • All new parts chosen by track record for durability (eg new ‘cliff’ sockets, as per analogue systems modular etc.)
  • New function knobs use genuine/original Roland parts (harvested from other machines)
  • Gate in, CV in, Filter CV in, Accent in, and Slide in, along the back edge for ease of MIDI control (with apropiate unit, eg. kenton)
This machine will always be in very limited supply.
There are currently
machine(s) availble.


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