Mention screen printing, and people think of t-shirt, without realising that the last estate agent board you walked past would have been screen printed.  The writing down the side of the felt tip pen on your desk.  The bus stop sign that you walked past.  Its everywhere!

We, however, specialise in panel printing –

Our favourite “substrates” are anodised aluminium, 2k painted works, and powdercoat, however, many other materials are also possible.

We work, pretty much exclusively, with 2-part catalysed inks.  These have a reputation for two qualities – being the most awkward inks to work with (!), but also the very toughest.

We use non-standard catalysts to promote adhesion to tough substrates, like aluminium and glass.

Virtually any size panel can be printed (in sections if the size exceeds our largest screes) and inks can be mixed to any pantone code.      

(and, yes, for existing customers, we will even do t-shirts!)